About Us


We are beauty curators, rather than selling full beauty lines we've cherry-picked only the strong and high-quality products.


IconMsia(IM) was founded by a team of Malaysia beauty junkies with a thirst for transparency and products that deliver. Tired of having bathroom cabinets cluttered with half-empty or untouched bottles, it was high time for a change in the way we approached beauty. We pooled our resources with our expert panel to create a site that embodies our wish list of products, features and uncluttered design, complete with celebrity and insider beauty secrets.


Their sweetness, grace, elegance...

An unrivaled charm that makes men weak in their knees before us.


Our mission:

 Meticulously selecting the best skin care and makeup products from around our country by a tireless team,  IconMsia(IM) presents exactly what we need at a cost affordable price.


Demystify the beauty industry, combining consumer trials with the vast knowledge of our expert panel to filter out the bloggers and braggers from the gems that do what they say on the tin. The result is a beauty hall of fame you can shop in the knowledge that anything you buy will be outstanding.



Why IconMsia the chosen One?


IM is Made in Malaysia


Best of the Best of all, IM is handcrafted by Malaysians in Malaysia. Support “Made in Malaysia”, we strive to be a national pride as we continue to grow and expand onto an International platform!


100% Authentic Products


With over 50 authentic products in stock - numbers steadily growing as you read this - you'll find almost anything here. We are not just share the benefit and outstanding goods in Malaysia but our aim to export and international consumers to feel the truth of Malaysia skincare and makeup products are high-quality and branded too.


More than 10,000 trusted reviews


Never trusted an online beauty store? Here at IM, you can count on us for your life's supply of the best cosmetic products.






Be Part of Our Revolution


Are you a beauty product supplier, distributor or a beauty company?


We welcome you to establish a brand store here with us at IconMsia(IM)


If you are a brand owner and is interested in collaborating with IconMsia(IM):


EMAIL: marketing@iconmsia.com